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Events for April 8, 2017 – Dog Life in CLE
We are the county dog pound, charged with picking up and taking care of all the stray dogs in Geauga County, Ohio. We take in about 700 dogs each year and take care of them until we can find their owner or find them new homes. Despite a limited budget and limited personnel, we have a 97% rate for return to owner/adoptions. We can do this because you help. Our volunteers walk, bathe, and generally socialize the dogs so they are adoptable. Come on up and learn what you can do as a volunteer. We also appreciate the donations you give because they allow us to provide much needed medical care and food and to keep the shelter clean and disinfected. The Geauga County Dog Shelter does not receive any general tax funds-we are funded by the license fee (we get $13.50 for every $15.00 license), adoption and redemption fees and donations. Without your generous donations we could not do what we do. When you buy your next license think about what you are helping to do: 1) keeping your dog safe so if he/she gets lost we can locate you; 2) helping to provide for the 700+ strays we get in every year.

Upcoming Events

We are at A Dog's Life in Chesterland (306 and 322) the first and third Saturday of each month where you can meet some of our dogs. We are also at Pet Supplies Plus in Chardon on the second Saturday of each month. From now through September we will be at the Farmers' Market at Bell St. and Route 306 every Saturday from 9 a.m. until noon.


By purchasing a monthly cage sponsorship for $25/month you will be helping to feed, shelter and care for one of the dogs in our kennels for that month. In return for your support of our efforts to rescue and care for the lost, homeless and unwanted dogs in Geauga County, you will receive information about the dog residing in a kennel. You also have an open invitation to visit the Shelter and spend some time with your dog.
Geauga County Dog Shelter, 12513 Merritt Rd., Chardon OH 44024, 440/286-8135. Become a Tail Wagger today!
*Annual individual sponsorship is available for $250 a year.
Lh3>Adopting a friend We are the place to go when you have lost your dog, found a dog, or are thinking of adopting a four-legged friend. We are always getting new dogs in. We get them in every shape and size, and they are usually just looking to have someone to love. The adoption fee is $130.00 for puppies under 6 months old and $120.00 for all dogs over 6 months old, cash or check only. The adoption fee includes spay/neuter and routine vaccinations. This also includes an Ohio dog license current for the year.

Come Visit Us!

Come Visit Us! We are located in Chardon Ohio, on Merritt Road. If you are coming from Chardon Square, take Route 44 south. Go a few miles past the Mayfield Road(Route 322) intersection. Turn left on Merritt Road. The second driveway on the right hand side is the Shelter. We are DIRECTLY under the Geauga County Water Tower.
We WILL attempt to meet your needs in meeting you at the shelter, if you are interested in adopting one of our dogs. Thursday -closed
Monday- 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Tuesday-10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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