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I bought this for our two cats. I'm disappointed in the difficulty in getting the lid off the top without spilling what food is in the container when trying to refill. I also notice the the bowl looks empty all the time because the food doesn't flow down into the bowl without shaking the container. I wanted this to take care of feeding my kitties while I'm out of town for a couple of days, but I don't trust it...

Works great!

By NValley on

I got this for my cat who suffers from cat acne if she eats out of plastic bowls. I am so happy I found these (I got the water bowl too). I have had them for a few weeks and they work wonderfully and I don't have to worry that my cat will run out of food anytime soon.

Wonderful Product!!

By ChapNan on

I was looking for a stylish food dispenser that didn't cost a paw and a paw and this is it. The dispenser stays securely in its base as the top twists open to fill. It is easily removed from the dish for cleaning. I like that the dish is stainless steel and not plastic. Simply love it!


By Darin on

Just received my feeder today. Took a few min to wash, fill with food, put the 3pieces bak together and put down for my cat. Very sturdy, walking cane fell into it and didnt knock it over, nothing spilled. Much better than cheaper feeders at pet store. Cat took right to it and started eating as soon as i left the room. Also impressed with angle food slides right down and fills stainless steel bowl. Definitely worth the price! Thanks chewy!!!

Good free-feeder

By KrisKD on

Holds plenty of food, but like so many of this design, it doesn't pour out into the bowl as swiftly as one would imagine. If your furry friend(s) don't use his/her paw to draw more kibble out, you'll find yourself doing so or shaking the "tower." At the same time, if it dumped too much food, that would be a problem, too... I imagine the small size would be sufficient for one or two cats, but I opted for the medium for my two cats in case of emergency and I'm away for a couple of days.

Pretty good product

By Michelle0411 on

I'm very happy overall with this product. The only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is because the food doesn't always fall down on its own. We have to give it a shake. But otherwise I'm pleased with the size & stuurdyness of this product. It might only be because my dogs food is larger.

Love this

Great feeder, holds a lot of kibble. Opening at the top is wide. I also love the stainless dish. I have 3 cats who free feed & it works perfectly for them. My favorite thing about it is it holds a good amount of food but does not take up a lot of space, at all.

Perfect for us

By LynnG on

Perfect size for my two kitties. Only need to fill about once a week. Nice looking and easy to use/clean. Cats had no problem adjusting to their new feeding station (in lieu of bowls).

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